Saturday, March 13, 2010

Leftist Christians Go After Glenn Beck

Yesterday the Associated Baptist Press published an article by “Jim Wallis, a politically progressive evangelical,” who is also the CEO and editor in chief at the left-leaning, Sojourners. The article by Wallis demands that his readers and all Christians stop watching the Glenn Beck because “Beck denies the central teachings of Jesus and the Bible!”

I earned my Masters in Theology in 1999 and I watch Glenn Beck daily. I’ve never heard Beck deny the central teachings of Jesus and the Bible! It appears that the “progressive” Mr. Wallis is fabricating his charges against Beck out of sheer leftist desperation.

Anyone who has ever bothered to honestly research the origins of the concept of “social justice,” as taught within most mainline and some evangelical denominations of the Christian church, understands that that it is closely tied to Marxist Liberation Theology. It is a concept that has little to do with Christian charity or justice and everything to do with radical leftist revolutionary political change.

Make no mistake; Glenn Beck is absolutely correct in stating that “social justice” is a code word" for communism and Nazism.

Three years ago I wrote, Obama’s Marxist Liberation Theology ChurchIn that article, which I strongly suggest that you read, I’ve quoted from James H. Cone, one of the primary authors of Black Liberation Theology. Additionally I’ve summarized and provided a link to an excellent overview of the grave dangers of Liberation Theology written in 1984 by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI).

Once you’ve read this short article and the provided links you’ll have no doubt as to who is telling the truth.

God bless and protect Glenn Beck!