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More Presbyterian Sins and The Fall of the Presbyterian Church USA

Now Presbyterians Call on the U.S. government to end aid to Israel. What will they do next?

The fall of the Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) into apostasy can be directly attributed to the long-time infiltration of far left components into the bureaucracy and leadership of all of the mainline Christian denominations. This has been a growing theological cancer for much of the 20th century. We are finally at a point in time where these once venerable denominations have become merely Christians in name only. They are, for all intents and purposes, nothing more than the religious arm of leftist politics (see Liberation Theology and Marxist Christianity). The Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) is now captive to and a willing dupe of the far left politically powerful zealots within this denomination.

The following is an excerpt from a report by Mark Braverman on the outcome of the 219th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church USA with regard to Israel-Palestine conflict.

Presbyterians Insist On 'Breaking Down The Walls' In Israel/Palestine Despite Pressure From Jewish Community

The PC(USA) is at the epicenter of the struggle of the Christian community in the U.S. to come to terms with the challenge of the Israel-Palestine conflict. . .

While strongly asserting the church’s commitment to Israel’s security and wellbeing, the Study Committee’s report as presented to the General Assembly clearly presents the narrative of Palestinian dispossession and suffering.  It asserts that Israel’s actions, illegal and in violation of international law, are an “enduring threat to peace in the region.” It receives the Palestinian Kairos document, a courageous and heartfelt call of Palestinian Christians “from the heart of Palestinian suffering” to the churches of the world, and recommends it for study by Presbyterians. It calls on the U.S. government to end aid to Israel unless the country stops settlement expansion in Palestinian territories. . .

Bernice Lipkin, editor of, sent me the following links to two articles concerning the anti-Israel agenda of the PCUSA.

by Dexter Van Zile

  In this well-documented yet readable article, Dexter Van Zile reviews the sorry history of the Presbyterian Church's efforts to divest itself and others from investments in Israel, using attacks on Israel, partial withdrawal, and then renewed attacks. The point of view of the activists who control official reports is solidly in sympathy with the Palestinians, who are visualized as the suffering victims of a harsh and illegal occupation by Israel. As VanZile writes, "Leveling chimerical accusations at Israel in the name of peace, these activists seek to enlist their fellow Presbyterians - and the church's bureaucracy - into their efforts to banish the modern state of Israel from the community of civilized nations and portray it as uniquely worthy of criticism and condemnation." With each swing of the pendulum, the Church -- by backing these activists -- makes more obvious a more basic agenda: the delegimization of the State of Israel. How long will it be before crude anti-Jewish statements -- not clothed in pseudo theology or in a view of Middle East history that ignores most of the facts -- will be acceptable?

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A Q and Q with Will Spotts by Bernice Lipkin

  Anticipatory stories of the 2010 General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church were filled with reports that there were to be motions for divestiture/boycott of Israel that would position the Presbyterian Church more strongly and intemperately in the ranks of the Palestinian sympathizers. I had some specific questions. I asked Will Spotts for clarification. We also include an addendum: Spotts's analysis after the ball was over, the General Assembly ended.

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This week Faultline USA contributors have posted four additional articles, due to their timely nature, concerning the sins of mainline Christianity and in particularly, those of the Presbyterian Church USA:

Liberation Theology Moves to the Border

The far left Presbyterian (PCUSA) has joined the Arizona Boycott and refuses "to hold national meetings in Arizona and any states that adopt strict immigration laws such as Arizona's new Senate Bill 1070." . . .

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The Demise of Mainline Religious Denominations in America

. . .Look, churches cannot claim to be representatives of God on this earth, a Christian church, and then teach a congregation a lifestyle that is not Christian and certainly not in keeping with what the scriptures tell us God/Christ taught us -- and demands of us. It is as simple as that.

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The Evils of Collective Salvation

. . .You may have first heard about “collective salvation” from the infamous “Rev.” Sun Myung Moon in his 1997 address Personal Salvation and Collective Salvation. With the growth of religious pluralism over the last decade, much of Mainline Christianity seems to have blindly joined this chorus rooting for “collective salvation” while blissfully unaware that this is all part of the revolutionary move toward a new global church based upon the old Marxist notion of . . .

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The Paganism of the PCUSA?

. . .An Orthodox Church theologian who was invited to greet the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) has criticized its approval of non-celibate homosexual clergy.

The Reverend Siarhei Hardun of Belarus said that vote and efforts to approve same-gender "marriage" looked to him like an attempt to "invent a new religion -- a sort of modern paganism." . . .

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Why do churches even get involved in the Israel-Palestine political issue? Just preach the gospel and quit being leftist lunatics.